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Self Registration

When the children enter the club they get signed in by a staff member then have to find their own name, once they have found their name they put it onto the board which allows us to see at a glance who and how many children we have in.  When they are ready for their Light Tea they go and wash their hands and on the way back they remove their name from the board and hand it over when they receive their tea, some children call it their money token and feel as if they are paying for their tea!!

Once tea is nearly finished the staff member who is doing tea will look at the white board and if children’s names are still present she will ask them one last time if they would like to have tea,  if they still do not want to it that is fine but a sign replaces the ” im here today” sign and a ” I’ve not eaten today ” sign will go in its place. this allows parents and staff members to know who hasn’t eaten at a quick glance.

Toilet Passes


Every child has one, their name will  be put on the board every session they attend, when they need the toilet they must ask a member of staff before leaving the room then take their name and put it on the board which is on the toilet door! once they have finished they wash their hands and take their name down from the toilet and put it back on the wall in the room, this allows us to know who is in the toilet at any one time.